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AMD Ryzen Master 2.3

Allows customizing your AMD processor’s performance
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AMD Ryzer Master allows customizing your AMD processor’s performance. In this respect, the application allows manipulating and trying various parameters in search of higher processing speeds. Developed by AMD, this tool gets the best out of the possibility of tweaking the processor’s configuration to get specific results. The tool is mostly intended for people who know what they are doing. In this respect, you should be aware that overclocking can permanently damage your processor or other computer components, so it should be avoided.

The tool has a nice interface with a dark theme. It shows a series of gauges that show relevant information related to temperature, peak speeds, CPU power, SOC power, etc. In terms of customizing CPU performance, the application lets you create up to four profiles to save clocks and voltage adjustments. Thus, you can create a profile and test it for stability, if it does not work, you can simply avoid it and use a different one.

Setting your CPU is also possible from the BIOS setup. In this respect, using a piece of software to do this may increase the possibility of existing bugs, so for the sake of safety, many experts advise to use the BIOS app instead. Likewise, there are claims that Windows Defender identifies AMD Ryzer Master as a potential threat.

In general, although messing with your processor’s default parameters may be dangerous for your machine, I am sure advanced users can benefit from using AMD Ryzen Master to try their CPU’s full potential. Fortunately, if you are interested, the product is free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lets you create and try up to four different configuration profiles
  • Shows relevant information about your system


  • May be identified as a threat by Windows Defender
  • Increases the number of potential bugs
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